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The whole project is aiming to provide the community the most useable PoS-based coin available so far.


Participation of the community is important. Develop together - enjoy profits together!

Integrated Shop

We will start with a DVX merchstore and will develop it into a decentralized shop and exchange with anonymous payments.


The DvX-Team is developing a safe and easy to use network. Focusing on the privacy of our users.


DVX transactions are lightning-fast, thanks to InstantSend integration.

Constant Development

Constant development of technology and integration of real-world use cases are the base for our success!

Just for the community

Because there was a lot of rumor in the past regarding to DV7/DV8 the community we built an own, more fair and better solution.

Open Source

Our wallets and sourcecodes are entirely open source! For maximum transparency.

Reward Structure

A promising reward structure which yields investors constant profits without hyper-inflation!

Online Wallet

An onlinewallet matching the highest security standards will come in the end of 2018.


  • Q2 2018

    DV7 Coin Fork
    DVX Page
    DVX Announcement
    DVX Wallet Release - Windows/Linux Listing on 2 exchanges
  • Q3 2018

    DVX Mobile Wallet Release
    DVX Wallet Release - MacOS
    DVX Merch Store
    Implementing zPIV protocoll for anonymization
    Whitepaper Listing on 2 more exchanges
  • Q4 2018

    Implementing next generation masternodes (X-Nodes)
    DVX Online Wallet release
  • Q1 2019

    Anonymous Exchange with temp addresses
    Decentralized Marketplace with DVX as a main payment method

Q2 2018

  • DV7 Coin Fork100%
  • DVX Page100%
  • DVX Announcement100%
  • DVX Wallet Release - Windows/Linux100%

Q3 2018

  • DVX Mobile Wallet20%
  • DVX Wallet - MacOS25%
  • DVX Merch Store25%
  • Implementing zPIV protocoll for anonymization0%

Q4 2018

  • Implementing X-Nodes0%
  • DVX Online Wallet0%

Q1 2019

  • Anonymous Exchange0%
  • Decentralized Marketplace0%


DVX Specification

  • Coin Name: DVX
  • Ticker: DVX
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Coin Type: PoS/PoW
  • Block Time: 2 mins
  • Max Supply: 1 500 000 000 DVX
  • Current supply (incl. premine) 1 403 610 DVX
  • Premine: 700 000 DVX (just 0.047% of the Max. Supply)
  • Min Stake Age: 6 hours
  • Max Stake Age: 2 days

PoW-Block rewards

Block 30000 - 37000 - 5 coins

Block 37000 - 50000 - 2 coins

from Block 50000 - 1 coin

PoS-Block rewards

starting from Block 3700

Blocks ending with "25", "50", "75" - 500%

Blocks ending with "00" - 1000 %

every other Block - 100%


Mobile Wallets

coming soon

Online Wallet

coming soon


Marketplace Development

In the first step we will build just a simple merch store and some other items and digital goods you can buy with BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH.
In the second step we will develop our DVX online wallet to obtain the base for the DVX online payment implementation.
In the third step will will implement DVX as a payment method.
In the fourth step we will build a decentralized marketplace with DVX as a main payment method, build on the DVX² chain.


DVX will be listed on following exchanges
coming soon
coming soon
coming soon
coming soon


Join our Discord Server

Meet the DVX Team at our Discord Server!

Feel free to message us at any time - we are active at our Discord Server nearly 24/7. Support will only be provided on the public DVX Discord in the #support-channel or via e-mail.